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Since 1987 Pro Tan® has been the #1 selling competition tanning products in the world for many reasons.
Pro Tan® is the preferred brand of the NPC, the Official Tanning Product of the IFBB and the Official Tanning Sponsor of the Mr. Olympia for the past thirteen years.

Pro Tan® products are presented in the international market through our exclusive distributors. We offer to professional distributors an exclusive contract and secured price integrity.

Pro Tan® provides uniform brand websites and continuous support for our exclusive distributors that includes training and product promotion to help them build our brand and maintain brand standard and integrity globally.

If you are a professional distributor and you are interested in joining our exclusive network of distributors, please fill out the form and we will contact you soon.

For local distribution please reach out to our country representatives listed in the chart below:

Country Retail Website Contact
Austria Pro Tan Austria
Belgium & The Netherlands Body Tan
Czech Republic Pro Tan Czech
Cyprus Muscleforce Ltd.
France Team Fit Supplement Stores
Germany Pro Tan Germany
Hungary Showtime Studio
Iceland Fitness Akadamian
Italy/San Marino V-power Sport Nutrition
Norway/Sweden Pro Tan Nordic
Poland Sklepzawodnika Shop
Romania SC Mezcom
Serbia ProTan Serbia
Slovakia WP Comp
Spain Más Musculo Stores
UK Powerbody
Ireland/UK Pro Tan UK