For the past 35 years
Pro Tan® has been the Number One selling Competition Tanning product in the World for a reason. Time and time again our products deliver the most reliable and natural looking tan for Bodybuilders, Fitness Athletes, Bikini Models and everyone in between. It is this trust that allows Pro Tan® to continue its success while assuring you the highest quality skin care and tanning formulas designed to help make you #1. 
Originally started in 1985 with Original Muscle Up® Professional Posing Oil for men and women and a few skin care products for body builder athletes, everything changed in 1987 with the invention of Pro Tan® Instant Competition Color. 

Performance Brands Europe Ltd - the European sister company of Performance Brands Inc. - has been established in 2013, September.

2013 - Gary Bognar introduces the spray tanning service in Hungary. At that time, they were the 4th team on the continent.

2015 - Performance Brands Europe Ltd (PBE) becomes responsible for the Central European region. The expansion of the brand in Europe begin. This year the team provided tanning service at 12 competitions and selling to 3 countries.

2016 - PBE is awarded with the right to coordinate the European tanning teams. The training of our European partner teams on a wider scale has started. This year the number of teams in Europe will be around 6-8.

2017 - Performance Brands Inc. appoints Gary Bognar as European Sales Director. This will continue to strengthen the brand and build the sales network on the continent.

2018 - PBE is granted exclusive distribution rights for Europe and becomes the official European master distributor. The team provides service at around 35-40 events and selling to 20 countries.

2022 - The post-Covid period has led to a consolidation of the market. PBE takes back most of the competition and starts servicing them directly. The team provides service at around 55-60 events and selling to 30 countries.

Nowadays- 2024 - We tan at nearly 110 competitions, 75% of which are prestigious international competitions abroad, and we sell to over 100 international partners in 28 countries.

We at Pro Tan® Europe thank all the organisers for the cooperation, for the trust they have placed in us for 11 years now, and for the athletes, so that we can grow together with you guys and girls, strengthening each other and setting even bigger and more ambitious goals!

Best Wishes,

Gary Bognar
Director of Pro Tan Europe