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Those information is only necessary if you would like to have our team at a certain show to provide tanning service.


Would you like to be Our Spray tan Affiliate?

Since 1987 Pro Tan® has been the #1 selling competition tanning products in the world for many reasons.

Pro Tan® is the preferred brand of the NPC, the Official Tanning Product of the IFBB and the Official Tanning Sponsor of the Mr. Olympia for the past thirteen years.

We cooperate with many federation in numerous countries so we can provide our Spray Tan Affiliates the relationships we have established in these countries.
Pro Tan® is one big family, supporting all our European teams in many ways. Our Teams support each other and work together at many shows which maintain a steady and reliable quality of our tanning service.

Do you want to have one of our local team for your shows to take care of the athletes' tan? 

Please reach out to any of our Spray tan Representatives you can find on the list below.

Contact Person Country Contact
Gary Bognar Europe / Hungary
Leonhard Pippinger Europe/Germany
Oliver Kovacs Austria
Claudia Bulsing Belgium/The Netherlands
Margit Zamolova Czech Republic
Ben Salem Sabri France / Monaco
Matthew Mc Cullough Ireland / UK
Charlie Chirah Abboh Norway/Sweden
Robert Piotrkowicz Poland
Ovidiu Mezdrea Romania
Waldo Pecena Slovakia
Patricia Bordo Vinagre Spain