WNBF International Open Championship (DE)

Tanning services

2 layers (base + top) + stage finish & touch up € 90.00
V.I.P. Tanning Service
(unlimited layers and stage finish)
€ 110.00

Beauty Services & more

Tattoo- & Scar Cover up € 50.00
NEW extras avaliable to add to your booking:
€ 25.00 Reservation fee, 2,5 € transaction fee applied

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We provide PRETANNING 1 day before the show.
We will inform you about the location and time when we send the 'schedule email'. 

If you book V.I.P. tanning service, you will get 1 or 2 base layers at the pretanning and 1 or 2 top layers on the day of the show, as you prefer.


Priority appointment - "If you'd like to organize the last 2 weeks and your showday better!"

If you choose this new service add-on, your appointments will be scheduled and sent out 2 WEEKS BEFORE YOUR SHOW, instead of Wednesday of the show week. 

Refund Lock - "If you are unsure, if you'll compete or not!" 

It happens many times that athletes got sick or do not show up at the show without noting us. We understand that cancelling tanning is not the first thing in mind. With this service add-on, you can avoid loosing your money. We will not ask or you won't have to prove anything - You will get FULL REFUND regardless the time or the reason of cancellation. We will neither apply refund fee on these cashback. 


Always be sure to get your skin prepared for the tanning. You can check out the pdf we attached to this event. You can find it on the main booking page where all the competitions are listed. 
You can also READ OUR FAQ regarding the tanning procedure so you will get a better understanding on our tanning procedure.

Selftanning in the backstage is NOT Allowed.
Our tanning- and beauty team will be the only service provider on the site. Individual Make up artists and/or hair dressers will not be allowed backstage and will not be able to offer service on the site. 
We cannot adjust appointments and tanning times to external service providers.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


1.) Regular Price
If you book your services more than 2 weeks prior to your show. You will pay the regular price.

2.) Price with Late fee
If you book your services within 2 weeks prior to your show. You will pay the regular price +10€ late fee.

3.) Price with Walk-up fee
If you book your services on the week of the show, from Thursday or if you pay at the registration. You will pay the regular price +25€ walk-up fee.


You can check our detailed refund policy by 

If you have any question in regard to the service, please contact us directly and write to: